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Korrnell Youth Program (Monday- Friday afterschool program- offered to Korrnell students only): 


Activities offered during the fall semester will be announced on the first day of school.


Parents can fill up the application form online from Aug 31st 10:00am to Sept 4th 3:00pm. Depending on availabilities, students will be placed in the desired programs according to the ranked preference priority and will be announced on Sept 7th.


First day of class will be Sept 11th.

Other important information:

1. First day of KYP after-school classes will be on Sept 11th.

2. STAR Academy will collect tuition fee for the entire semester (fall/ spring) in the beginning of the semester. If the number of students is not sufficient for a specific class, we will notify you by phone or email.

3. No refund after 50% of the number of classes are already taken. If a student misses a class, a make-up class can be arranged, but there will be no refund.

4. No school bus will be available for after-school activities.

5. Inline-skating class: foot size must be at least 16cm in order to participate, inline-skates can be purchased through the instructor.

6. Needs to bring your own electronic piano/ violin, it can be purchased through the instructor.

Korrnell Youth Program (周一至周五 課後才藝班-須具備康乃薾教育體系學生資格即可報名):



家長可以從8月30日10:00am至9月4日3:00pm在STAR Academy 官網線上填寫課後才藝班報名表。

如遇名額不足時,將依該活動之意願排名 (preference priority) 排課,意願排名較高者,具優先排課順序。課程及學員名單將於9月7日公佈



1. 開學第三週(9/11)起正式上課。
2. 課後才藝課程採一次性收費,於開學後收取。校方於報名截止後將會統計各項才藝課程報名人數,若有未達開班人數之課程,將個別通知家長。
3. 才藝課程進行一半堂數後,不予退費。單次之事病假亦不予退費,學校安排補課。
4. 才藝課程結束後,學校將不會另外安排校車接送。
5. 欲報參加直排輪的孩子,腳掌長度需達16公分,直排輪可由教練統一套量購買。
6. 電子琴及小提琴需自備琴具,或由才藝老師代為購買


KORRNELL Academy KYP Application

中小學 KYP 報名表


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