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STAR Academy



STAR Academy is an innovative early childhood education center & kindergarten dedicated to the education of our future leaders.

We offer full-day program to children from 0~6 years old in addition to our enrichment program.

STAR Academy was founded in 2014 as an early childhood development center offering an innovative education program by combining expertise from pediatric medicine and early childhood education. In 2017, STAR Academy expanded its program and founded its international kindergarten and enrichment program.

Our mission is to provide a high-quality education program to our students and to prepare them for future success anywhere in the world.

We offer a one-of-a kind curriculum bringing together research and development from NEUROSCIENCE, CHILD PSYCHOLOGY, PEDIATRIC MEDICINE and EDUCATION.




中天綜合36台 美的in台灣 星苗國際嬰幼兒成長園【孕育明日之星的成長園 嬰幼兒學習與發展的建立】
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